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 Following Team Local 4's recent visit with congressionals in Washington, Debbie Jennings, president of IFPTE Local 4, representing workers at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, is leading the mounting opposition to Trump's "mean spirited" closing of Dallas and Boston Federal Labor Relations (FLRA) offices. Read more >>>

By Alexander LaCasse alacasse@seacoastonline.com

Posted Feb 17, 2018 at 12:26 PM Updated Feb 17, 2018 at 12:26 PM



KITTERY, Maine — Over the course of the last year, representatives of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers Local 4 has raised numerous safety-related complaints to commanders of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.



Early yesterday morning, the chiming doorbell of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard’s largest labor union greeted another day of opportunities and challenges for your union team. As our guests were received at the door to our Union Hall with a cheerful, “Good morning,” The newly appointed PNS Safety Manager, standing in the doorway responded to her union host, “Are you the top dog”?
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Millennials Keeping Unions Alive

BBC Speaks With IFPTE President, Debbie Jennings About Shutdown

Debbie Jennings, President of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard’s largest worker’s union, speaks with BBC Newsday about the affects of the Government Shutdown on employees at the Shipyard.


Reuters - Market NewSJanuary 22, 2018 / 7:45 AM /Reuters Staff

WASHINGTON, Jan 22 (Reuters) - Thousands of federal employees began the week on Monday trying to figure out if they would be working and getting paid, as U.S. Senate leaders tried to reach a deal to reopen the government open hours before a full Senate vote.

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EXPANDED – New Locations Added to DoD Integrated Lodging Program

For those who travel, on January 1, 2018, the Integrated Lodging Program Pilot expanded.

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How Harvard’s Hypocrisy Could Hurt Your Union


 Employers must provide unions with a master list of their employees, an Excelsior list, to ensure that union supporters could make their case to everyone before the election. A complete list of employees is no minor detail. It is crucial to fair union elections.

News, Research, and Events for Federal Employees

Navy Poised to Fire Employee After Failing for 4 Years to Accommodate Her Disability

“I wanted to serve my country,” says Dunphy, who graduated from the University of Maine with a masters in business administration in 2013.



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